As any business Company, we aim at delivering quality and technical reputable Engineering Services and Products to transform the wellbeing of our clients and the stakeholders. We undertake;



  • Feasibility study for Solar Power Solutions systems and All Electrical Engineered Installations.
  • Architecture for Solar Power Solutions and all Electrical engineered services and Products
  • Energy survey, Audits and Analysis for any premise, home or site.
  • Planning off grid energy supply for humanitarian sectors, individual homes and other stake holders
  • Rural Electrification using feasible renewable energy solutions
  • PV systems design, engineering, demand studies, energy efficiency and after-service planning
  • Advisory packages for products qualities and technical specifications
  • Preparation of tender documents and accompany tender process
  • Data Evaluation and Selection of Pilot Cases for Energy systems
  • Costs estimates (BOQ), Financial Analysis and Business Model Development for Solar Power Solution and All Electrical Engineered Services | Products
  • Recommendations and Development of Technical Procurement Documents
  • Development of Terms of Reference (ToR) or Job duties and responsibilities for Solar power Solutions and All Electrical Engineered assignments or Projects
  • Specialized Trainings on Solar power Solutions and Electrical Engineered Installations for Corporate structures

Electrical works

  • Solar Power Solutions systems (Electric and Water Pumping)
  • Electrical Installations / Wiring networks
  • Electrical fittings
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Heating Ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Battery Bank Backups systems (UPS).
  • Low Voltage (LV) Power transformers
  • Power generators & Electric motors,
  • Electrically powered / Engineered Medical equipment,
  • Water pumps, Boilers, Switch-gears, Electrical Control devices
  • Programmable logic controls.
  • Television Satellite Receivers boilers, switch-gears, electric control devices

Constructions works

  • Architectural designs
  • Testing and selection of materials
  • Brick laying, masonry, formwork, and concrete work
  • Painting and decoration activities
  • Roofing, carpentry and joinery works
  • Road work, bridge and culvert installation, maintenance and repair
  • Taking off, Quantifying and costing of materials
  • Land surveying

Mechanical works

  • Welding and Metal fabrication
  • Heating Ventilation Air- Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Design, Installation and maintenance of conveyors, lifts and Elevators.
  • Design, Installation and maintenance of plumbing works
  • Installation and maintenance of Medical equipment
  • Installation and maintenance of boilers and chillers
  • Design, Installation and maintenance of structural works
  • Design, Installation and maintenance of rigged or standalone masts/towers
  • Automobile (Motor Vehicles, Vehicles, Bicycles) supply, maintenance and repairs.

Information Communication Technology Works.

  • System administration
  • System setup and configuration
  • Computer repair and maintenance
  • Networking and Cabling
  • Design and Printing services
  • FM radio studio design, installation and maintenance
  • Installation and maintenance of studio acoustics
  • FM studio wiring

Electronic Safety and Security Systems.

  • Installation and maintenance of access controls, like Biometric Identity devices
  • Installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems like, CCTV cameras
  • Installation and maintenance of Fire/smoke detection and alarms
  • Installation and maintenance of Intrusion detection and Alarms
  • Installation and maintenance water detection sensors
  • Installation and maintenance of electric fence